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Featured sites

Each Community Manager has the ability to designate up to three featured sites for a Ring. The featured sites show on the Ring's Hub page and above all other sites in the Ring's site list.

The Community Manager is not required to list any featured sites, nor is it required that the Community Manager charge for a listing. The Community Manager can, if he/she chooses, charge a fee for placing a member site.

If the Community Manager chooses to utilize the tools WebRing provides for managing featured sites then WebRing will be responsible for:

  • Collecting payment from members (PayPal is a fast and convenient online payment system - see below). Payment must be deposited prior to listing.
  • Providing the Community Manager with a list of sites willing to pay for listing that the Community Manager can then choose from, taking up to three.
  • Ensuring that at the start of each day the selected sites have credit available.
  • Transferring the credit from member to Community Manager daily.
  • Providing interested members with cost and availability information.

The Community Manager's account will be credited with 75% of the fees charged to the members.

WebRing reserves the right to change the conditions of this program at any time.

Community Managers

If you are interested in participating, then go to the Featured sites page for your Ring. Check the box for participation and fill in the requested amount for member sites to pay each month. Setting this amount will allow members to know the service is available and what the requested fee is.

It will also enable a list on the "Featured sites" page of Ring Management for you to view and choose which sites to feature. This list will indicate what they have bid and wether they have sufficient credit available. The selection will take effect immediately, with accounting being done daily. Monthly amounts will be prorated to a daily amount. If you select a site to feature that has a maximum lower than your requested fee then the member will be charged the amount they bid. If you select a site that has a maximum higher than your requested fee then the member will be charged the amount you specified.

We provide two auto-management features to aid in featuring sites. Auto-select auomatically selects the three highest bidding sites to be featured. Auto-increase automatically increases the requested amount to the highest bid received.


If you are interested in participating, go to your Memberships management Participating Rings will have a "Feature your site" link beside the ring title. Click a site title, then click the "Promote Your Site" link at left. Naxt, check the box and and enter the maximum you would be willing to pay to have your site featured in that Ring. If there are other applicable bids for this ring, the top three will be displayed below. The amount you enter will be used in preparing the list of participating sites for the Community Manager's selection page described above. If the Community Manager has previously entered a fee amount you will be shown that amount with a message indicating the Community Manager is willing. Selection will proceed as described above.

Choose one of these easy payment options:

    Use the CLICK HERE button to fund your account without setting up a subscription plan, OR if you don't have a paypal account and wish to pay using one of the credit cards shown.

    Conventional mail (checks and money orders accepted) WebRing will absorb PayPal service fees for amounts of $6 and over.

    Send checks and money orders to:
    WebRing, Inc.
    788 Iowa Street
    Ashland, OR 97520

    Note: checks and money orders must include your WebRing User ID and return address.